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Compressed Air Glossary

We are proud to announce the release of the Compressed Air Glossary

The glossary contains over 750 definitions, and was built and expanded over the past several years.

Have you ever wondered what demulsibility is, or tried to figure out the difference between CFM and SCFM ? The Compressed Air Glossary will shed some light on these and many other questions.

Compressed Air Glossary

Technical Articles

Air-Oil Cylinders, Tanks and Intensifiers
by: Bud Trinkel , Hydra-Pneu Consulting Inc.
Compressed air is suitable for low power systems, but air compressibility makes it difficult to control actuators smoothly and accurately. However, some low power systems need smooth control, rigidity, or synchronization capabilities normally associated with oil hydraulics. All of these features are available to low power circuits by using compressed air as power and oil for control. Purchased or special built Air-Oil circuits give smooth control when power requirement is low... cont'd

Clearing the Air on Pneumatic Valve Ratings
by: Henry Fleischer , Numatics Inc., Karl Forster , Festo Corp., David C. Franson , Parker Hannifin Corp.
As originally printed in Machine Design, October 5, 2000
2000, Penton Media, Inc.

Pneumatic Specialist Certification Manual
Study Guide for the IFPS Pneumatic Specialist course
by: The Fluid Power Society

Pneumatic Technician Certification Manual
Study Guide for the IFPS Pneumatic Technician course
by: The Fluid Power Society

Pneumatic Mechanic Certification Manual
Study Guide for the IFPS Pneumatic Mechanic course
by: The Fluid Power Society

Product Spotlights

Compact Crowder for Stamping Applications from PHD.

Compact Crowder for Stamping Applications from PHD. The Series PDK Crowder is ruggedly designed to absorb high impact forces and is ideal for pushing sheet metal panels into location for precise positioning in stamping applications
... continued

  • Colder Products Company Introduces New SMC Coupling for Medical Applications
  • New Clamp Design from PHD for Consecutive Part Identification Stamping
  • Two New Fluid Power Pressure Switches from Norgren
  • Lintra Rodless Pneumatic Cylinder from Norgren Delivers More Engineering Advantage
  • High-Speed, Advanced Servo-Pneumatic Control System from Enfield Technologies
  • Next Generation Modular FRL from SMC: Improves Flow Rates, Easier Installation and Space Saving
  • VP51 Digital Proportional Control Valve with DeviceNet from Norgren Provides Flexibility and Functionality
  • VS18/VS26 Valve Range from Norgren Combines Innovation and Flexibility
  • New LC8 AC Servo Motor Amplifier / Controller from SMC
  • New Aquisitions for International Motion Control

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