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Traditional offline advertising is expensive and generates cold leads! Plus, only those individuals that have a subscription to the magazine can see your advertisement.

Why pay more?

For the cost of a single quarter-page advertisement in a trade magazine, you can advertise on for the next 4 years!

Yearly Advertising Costs

Trade Magazine #1 *
Trade Magazine #2 *
Industry Website #1 **
Industry Website #2 **
Gold Package **
Silver Package **

*   Trade magazine prices shown above are for 12 quarter-page advertisements. Prices do not include color surcharges or artwork costs.

**   Website prices are yearly advertising packages.

Get leads when they are Hot!

Trade magazine bingo card leads are slow! It may be weeks before you receive your leads, and in today's fast-paced business environment, the customer has probably already made the purchase. sends the leads to you immediately. The quote or catalog request is sent via email directly to the email address that you specify. You can be contacting the potential customer within 1 minute of their request.

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