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Product Sponsorship

Sponsor a specific product and have your company name prominently displayed at the top of that product page. We will only allow one sponsor per product category so the first applicant takes this prime position. Sponsoring a product is a powerful way of aligning your company brand with a particular product or range of products. With a sponsorship of a product page, your company will be noticed as a leading supplier of that product.

There are three levels of product sponsorship available, depending on the depth of the sub-category within our site's category structure.

Top Level Categories - $500 US / yr

Examples of top level categories:
Air Preparation

Second Level Categories - $350 US / yr

Examples of second level sub-categories:
Actuators / Cylinders
Air Preparation / Air Compressors
Vacuum / Vacuum Cups

Third Level (and Lower) Categories - $200 US / yr

Examples of third level categories:
Actuators / Cylinders / Tie-rod Cylinders
Air Preparation / Air Compressors / Rotary Screw

How to Order - Full information about how to order this advertising package.

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