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Air::News RSS Feed

What Is An RSS Feed?

An RSS feed is simply a way of getting information from publisher to reader.

Our new RSS feed is meant as an alternate means to receive the information that we publish in our email newsletter Air::News.

Spam is having a tremendous effect on the way we use email. In fact, up to 38% of legitimate email is now filtered-out by spam software This is why many newsletter publishers are looking at RSS as an alternative to email.

RSS is by no means as well known or as well supported as email, but it overcomes some of the major shortcomings of the email newsletter. The major benefit to the reader is that they never have to give out an email address in order to subscribe to a newsletter. User maintains control over their own newletter subscriptions.

Most current browser and mail programs do not support RSS. So in order to subscribe to and read an RSS feed you must download a news aggregator. Here is a list of RSS Aggregators

How to Subscribe to Air::News Using a News Aggregator

  • Find the button, or menu item entitled 'Create a New Feed'
  • Copy this address and paste it into your aggregator
  • Your aggregator should automatically update the feed for you and show you the new items. If it doesn't click 'Update'

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