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Submitting Your Company To Our Directory

Whether your company is a manufacturer or a distributor of pneumatic components we invite you to sumbit your company to the Pneumatic Directory.

If you are unsure whether your company belongs in our directory, please browse our category list If your company does not produce or sell any of these components, your company does not belong in our directory.

If your companies business is predominantly the manufacture of pneumatic components, please submit your site to our Manufacturer Directory

Submission Guidelines

  • Before submitting your company, please search our directory to make sure that we do not already have your company listed.
  • If you wish to modify an existing listing, do not fill out this form. Instead, use the modification page
  • When choosing the categories for your company, always use the most specific sub-category. Upper level categories are strictly for navigation purposes and are reserved for premium partners.
    for example:
    submit to North America/USA/Pennsylvania/Pittsburgh/
    not to North America/USA/Pennsylvania/
    or North America/USA/
  • You may submit your company to a maximum of 2 sub-categories. In selecting your sub-categories, you may either choose the location of your head office and one branch office, or 2 cities served by one local office.
  • Please ensure that the contact name that you provide is the marketing contact for your company. This is the address we will use if we contact your company regarding press releases, or product spotlight information.
  • For validation purposes, only companies with a website will be included in our directory.

    Please fill out the form completely, and we will add your company to our database as soon as possible.

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